Jan 14, 2019 productivity

In this post I’ll share a popular productivity hack that I have greatly benefited from called the Pomodoro technique. I started off using this tool for managing my time more effectively as a software engineer, but I have been able to incorporate it into other areas of my life to increase the number of tasks I’m able to get done in a shorter period of time. It can also be a great way to plan and organize your week, as well as improve your estimations of how long projects will take to complete. It shines exceptionally well when working remotely where communication tasks like email and Slack can be batched in chunks twice per hour and physical disruptions are minimum.

Jan 13, 2018 ios android ci

I recently had some time over the holidays and decided to build a mobile app. At Fleetio, we use Circle CI to automatically run our test suites after every commit. I thought it would be useful to be able to monitor the status of my projects on the go, so I set out to create something to solve that problem. As a result, my mobile app All Green is now live in both the App Store and Google Play!

Nov 5, 2016 go

I recently started down the path of learning the Go programming language and wanted to share my experience for anyone interested in becoming a Gopher.

Feb 9, 2016 ruby rubygems

While trying to get some environment variables setup with Travis CI using the travis gem from the command line I ran in to this error:

Aug 14, 2015 rails glyphicons

Bootstrap 3 comes packaged with a fancy set of over 250 free icons called Glyphicons that can easily be used to make your application more user friendly. After using them for some time, but needing a little more variety in my icon choice, I decided to upgrade to Glyphicons PRO which provides close to 1000 icons in various formats and sizes. It also includes a web font which plays nicely with Rails after a little configuration. Here’s how to get Glyphicons PRO working in your Rails project:

May 28, 2015 general

I’m starting this blog to keep up with things I learn or find interesting related to programming and software engineering, with the hopes it will help someone else. I’m currently a senior software engineer at Temenos working on banking channel products. I’ve primarily worked on projects written in Ruby on Rails, Java, and Objective-C, but lately I have been getting into Node.js, Go, and Swift.